Altus IT data centre is located in an industrial complex in the wider city centre, and easily accessible by public and private transport. Free parking is available for customers, and a van or a lorry can approach the entrance ramp. The regular bus line can also be used and passes along the Selska Road.

The data centre is built in accordance with the TIA/EIA-942 standard. Based on the official data, this location can be hit by an earthquake of horizontal acceleration of 0.126g (6-degree earthquake) once in 95 years. The building in which the data centre is housed has been strengthened and can withstand a 7 degree earthquake.

The data centre building is located at a distance of less than one kilometre to the nearest gas station, which eliminates the risk of damage in case of fire or explosion, and on the other hand, it allows for a quick refuel of the aggregates in the event of a prolonged power failure.

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