Altus IT joined the organization of Mreža Smart Day


On 25th May 2017, MREŽA magazine and Altus IT organized the Mreža Smart Day event, with the topic ‘ICT – do not try this at home!’, in the Europa cinema in Zagreb.

Goran Đoreski, director of Altus Information Technology d.o.o., and Grgo Čupić, information for manager, RWE Croatia, RWE Hrvatska d.o.o., each held presentations at the event, titled ‘View of ICT outsourcing in Croatia’ and ‘RWE, service approach to ICT’ respectively.


Goran Đoreski


After the presentation, a round table was held on the topic 'For and against outsourcing IT processes'. The moderator was Oleg Maštruko, from MREŽA and BUG, with Grgo Čupić, Mirjana Bacalja (director of Styria IT Solutions), Goran Ježić (director of Business Computer Systems) and Goran Đoreski as panelists.

Goran Đoreski's presentation focused on the results of global and domestic research, out of which he especially pointed out:

"Global research shows that around 50% of the management of companies that own their own data centers believe they will outsource in the future, or use the services of professional data centers, with 70% of them stating that this will happen by 2020 at the latest. IDC's data center and cloud market survey, conducted for Croatia in April 2017, shows that, in the area of outsourcing to data centers, Croatia lags behind the world but has the available resources in order to grow. In terms of structure, the foreseeable growth of the local market over the next five years will be very similar to that of the global market."

Given its experiences of collocation and cloud services in Croatia, Goran Đoreski emphasized:

"Our data center has been in existence for 11 years and our experience is that collocated users are mostly telecoms, while end users see more and more benefits in cloud solutions with this segment growing faster than us. I personally advocate that the decision to outsource must be made thoughtfully and must be discussed on all sides, as with any strategic decision. Although, somehow, we skipped the phase of collocation growth in Croatia, I look towards the future with great optimism, where we will increasingly use various forms of cloud services and I believe that growth will be faster than forecast."