Altus IT strengthens sales segment


Marijana Bittner has joined Altus Information Technology d.o.o. as the new sales director. Marijana comes from Iskon Internet, which she joined in 2000 and where, as a wholesale manager, she managed numerous ICT projects in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina throughout their lifecycles. She speaks English fluently and can also speak Spanish. With an interest travel, Marijana graduated university with a degree in economics, specializing in tourism.

"I'm very excited to be able to join Altus's team. I am pleased to have contributed more than sixteen years of work at Iskon, where I participated in the rapidly growing market of connecting companies to the internet network, contributing to their development in the process. Iskon’s idea that the user is always first holds true in Altus as well, so it will be easy to fit into the company mentality. I look forward to being a part of enabling current and future Altus users to more efficiently and successfully outsource their processing needs to Altus data center infrastructure.", said Marijana Bittner commenting the move.

Marijana Bittner, Altus IT


"Altus is very deliberate in its choice of employees, especially if it is for a position with a degree of responsibility that is largely confined to business policy and processes, such as in the role Marijana has just joined us in. This was not a process of searching and thinking, as we wanted to do it with precision. We have known her for many years, working with her for several of those years, and we had been able to establish a mutual trust with her through her operative role in Altus. I am convinced that Marijana will help us grow in a faster, well organized manner and that the users will be satisfied. She is a top expert, well-known in the market and held in good standing, just as she has to be as the sales director of the data center, maintaining service stability and reliability.", emphasized Goran Đoreski, Altus IT Director.