SEEWEB expands regional Cloud to Zagreb


Seeweb, Italian Cloud Computing Provider with four proprietary data centers in Milan and Frosinone, recently established presence in Altus IT data center in Zagreb. The decision on this expansion, as well as, the Seeweb development plans, explains Antonio Baldassarra, CEO & Founder of Seeweb.

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Why Zagreb & Altus IT?
Antonio Baldassarra: As Seeweb, we have started a process for establishing and improving our business also outside Italy and, in particular, in the South Europe and Mediterranean area. With this aim in view, we have founded, together with other partners, a company named DHH that has become public on the Italian stock exchange in 2016.
At the beginning of the DHH project, we entered in touch with important companies in the Balkans that now are part of DHH, some of them from the early beginning as cofounder, in Slovenia, in Croatia, in Serbia and then the Balkans.
All these countries represent an important geography for us. 
As Seeweb, we operate four datacenters in Italy in which we build our Cloud Computing services but for the Adriatic we have decided to select a specific, “local” datacenter in which to establish our Adriatic’s Cloud Computing region.  Zagreb? It was a natural choice: we did an analysis of the colocation offering and opted for Altus because it matches our policies and our expectations in terms of datacenter facilities.
We consider Altus a professional company with a skilled team offering a lot of “collateral” services that we really need for operating a cloud region which is miles away from us.
Last but not least, many important local and long distance carriers are already collocated in Altus, the same carriers that we have used for connecting this new cloud region to CIX in Zagreb, SIX in Ljubljana, a backbone back to Italy in Milan and some independent IP transits. All these features are very important for us and we found them in Altus.

What does this investment bring to regional and Croatian customers?
Antonio Baldassarra: Internet is global and works well anywhere but for many services and for a wide range of reasons - starting from latency to legal and regulatory issues - it requires a local presence in the natural country.
We have experienced this in Italy and we are absolutely sure that they can also happen in Croatia.
For now, in Zagreb we delivered a little Cloud region but, with the same, seasoned cloud technology that we use in our other cloud regions in Italy. Moreover, we have selected Juniper for networking, Cisco UCS for servers, IBM for storage.  We selected the best of the best technology for this new Cloud region in Zagreb.

Which services do you offer from Zagreb?
Antonio Baldassarra: Through the Cloud region located in Altus we plan, for the early beginning, to provide three types of Cloud Services: Cloud Server (our best seller product), easy Cloud Server, Foundation Server. For the end of this year, we will also start Storage services through our Cloud Scaleout Services. All our services will be delivered both for the market and for the wholesale market. 
Moreover, these cloud solutions will be delivered through the premium DHH companies that operate in Croatia, like Plus and the newly established Sysbee.

Looking into 2019 and beyond, what can you emphasize out of Seeweb development plans?
Antonio Baldassarra: Our strategy is to create the IaaS platform for Adriatic, located in the Adriatic and delivered by local premium companies.
Since in the nearest future we will start selling premium Cloud Services to enterprises and government in Croatia, on the base of our Italian experience we know that it is important to guarantee that all the customer’s data will be stored and handled in the company under the responsibility of the local company and in a local, well structured datacenter.

How do you foresee the customer service expectations in forthcoming years?
Antonio Baldassarra: Our expectation is becoming market leader through our local, independent brand in the next three year, specifically in the segment of Cloud Computing infrastructures and services. 
For doing this, as Seeweb, we need to execute in an excellent way at infrastructure and network level, with the aim of providing a very high quality raw wholesale services to premium brands that will deliver services to the Adriatic’s market.
We also need a deep and high quality support from our facility providers, and we think that Altus will be a good partner, probably the best in the Country.