Top 10 user ICT needs


ICT infrastructure and solution requirements depend on a number of internal and external factors. From the growing and changing needs of users to the implications of technological advancement and their associated legal implications, the demands of the market are by no means fixed. Through a continuous dialogue with our customers, Altus closely monitors these developments and listed below are the 10 most common requirements in the first half of 2017.


Altus DC3 landscape


1. “We want a stable IT infrastructure.”:

“In the event of power failure or interruptions in office communications, most information systems are switched off. Every summer, the climate causes overloading and, as UPS systems usually only work for 5 minutes, we do not have any long-term redundancy options. Cooling costs are three times higher than the normal operating costs of the servers themselves. We want stable, functional and affordable infrastructure regardless of the circumstances.”

2. “We want IT infrastructure without big investments in advance.”:

“Our business is developing and needs to grow, but we do not want to buy IT equipment, especially not a few years in advance. We also do not want an improvised server room that requires a large investment, for a standard of quality far below that of a professional alternative. It is more useful for us to invest in our core business.”

3. “Our jobs tend to be seasonal, therefore we want to reduce annual costs.”:

“Buying equipment capable of handling peak loads means that for the other eight months of the year they are minimally utilized. We want to avoid this by paying only for what we use, when we use it.”

4. “Our business is regionally distributed, we want to better connect branch offices.”:

“We want data exchanges between branches to be secure and stable, and for a minimum increase in current costs.”

5. “We use global cloud services like Office 365, we want greater speed and stability.”:

“We do not want the costs to grow significantly, but we want synchronization between our local cloud and global partners to be fast and stable.”

6. “We want to compete at local and international bidding.”:

“Local and global customers are seeking quality IT infrastructure, security certificates and technical capacities that we cannot achieve in the short term without significant investment.”

7. “We need an IT presence in the countries where our customers are.”:

“We want to deliver infrastructure services from any country, knowing that security and quality are guaranteed as if all processes and operations were done in our local data center. We want a dedicated cloud, accessible from anywhere in the world.”

8. “We do not want to be a victim of DDoS and hacker attacks.”:

“We have an online presence through which our service is delivered but we do not have people in charge of security or the power to stand up to attacks. We want someone to work for us to address these issues.”

9. “We want our data to be preserved.”:

“Now that our information is distributed, in many places, backup is the responsibility of each individual employee. We want the backup to be reliable, so that all the data can be collected into a single location.”

10. “We want to focus on our core business.”:

“However, the staff budget is spent on IT support. We would like to have everything related to ICT taken care of by someone who is both reliable and specialized so that all of our employees can focus on our primary business.”