Hybrid cloud

Today's global cloud providers are able to offer high-quality and complete services, mostly in the form of SaaS. Usually, it is about implementations such as mail-in-the-cloud, artificial intelligence/sample recognition, distribution of the database to the cloud, security services, mobile phone management, and so on. To rent such a service is opportune for a company with the specific requirement covered by a particular service.

On the other hand, there is a whole range of functions that are best used locally. For example, ERP relies on local legislation and language, labor prices in Croatia are lower than in the average EU country, and regulators often restrict the distribution of information to third countries or outside the EU and so on. Such functions should ideally be established in the local Croatian data center, with the support of local partners.
Functions distributed in this way need to be integrated into a unique IT environment, called a hybrid cloud - a combination of public and private cloud.

Due to a large number of telecom operators, who within their infrastructure in Altus's data center provide connectivity services to global cloud providers (cloud connect service type), services delivered from remote data centers are well connected to local ones executed in Altus.


Good connectivity implies:

  • Avoiding using the Internet for communication, and communicating via a private network
  • Greater connectivity stability that is guaranteed through SLA
  • Low latencies
  • High security


In order for the hybrid cloud to operate as a whole and be functional fully, these specified points are necessary requirements. Altus IT, as an important communications hub, is an ideal location for delivering a hybrid cloud.

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