Private cloud

Private cloud is a type of IaaS service cloud, with the architecture being fully adapted to a particular client. Altus technical staff collect information about user needs, make a design proposal based on these findings and then, if approval is given, implement the defined infrastructure. Therefore, if a public cloud can be seen as an off the peg suit with a specified, standardized size and fit to meet the needs of multiple potential users, private cloud solutions are tailored, made to measure garments intended to fit one client as well as possible. The private cloud service is typically intended for users with more complex business requirements.

That is the reason why private cloud infrastructure is, generally, more complex than public equivalents. Entire segments can be fully dedicated to a single company, with the bulk of the infrastructure largely unavailable from public (Internet) infrastructure, and must be retrieved through leased lines. The service normally comprises a certain, determined number of hours of professional support provided by dedicated staff.



Private cloud



The private cloud, in the strict sense, replaces the entire IT infrastructure needed by a company. Several existing clients now do not employ IT professionals in their companies at all, as they are no longer required with the private cloud in place.

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