If a company owns active computing or telecommunications equipment and wishes to replace it with cloud resources at the end of its depreciation period, Altus IT’s colocation service is the right choice for the task. This service is also suitable for companies whose business model requires ownership of, rather than the leasing of, equipment.

Altus IT colocation offers an alternative to locating equipment within a company’s own space, in server rooms or server cabinets in the firm’s offices.

If a company were to establish their own, in house data center the cost per IT cabinet could rise up to 20 times more than renting space within a professional data center. Therefore, firms that use in-house server rooms make annual savings by significantly reducing electricity, air conditioning and communications, together with reduced security and maintenance expenses.






Outsourcing equipment to a professional data center reconciles the need for high quality communications with a firms responsibility to control and mitigate costs. Thus, an outsourced approach allows for the use of economies of scale to receive a focused, professional service at an affordable rate. By colocating to a dedicated data center, firms can focus on their core business and not on the infrastructure needed to support it.

With this service, Altus IT is able to guarantee a high level of quality due to the uninterrupted availability of electrical power and air conditioning. Altus IT is proud of the fact that, from the very beginning in 2006, our customers have never experienced a breakdown in service.

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