Colocation of equipment in cabinets

The colocation of equipment in cabinets is intended for companies that utilize a small to medium amount of equipment and for those that do not require isolated cages.

Altus IT offers the ability to rent different amounts of space to meet a customers requirements, ranging from 1U (enough for a slim server) to entire cabinets and more. For instances where less than a full cabinet is requested, the remaining space is shared with other customers, except in specific cases in which specialized lockers are used to secure ½ or ¼ of the cabinet space.



Colocation of equipment in cabinets



Some of the cabinet features used in the Altus IT data center include:

  • Cold isles: all Altus IT cabinets are located in cold aisles to ensure that the equipment is optimally air-conditioned. Smart Aisle technology, which optimizes the temperature and air flow, is used.
  • Blank panels: blank panels are installed in blank cabinet units in order to maximize the temperature controls and savings in cooling management.
  • Limited access to the cabinets: all Altus IT cabinets are secured with manual key based locks. The flexibility of the construction of each cabinet allows for the inclusion of additional security features, such as two-factor authentication, biometric locks and any protection mechanism required by the customer.
  • Predefined demarcation points: each cabinet is equipped with patch panels for easier connectivity, allowing for connections using a variety of cables to other customers or equipment that is collocated within the same cabinet or in other units or server room.
  • A + B power supply: two power supply branches are available within each cabinet, providing power redundancy. It is, therefore, recommended that companies use equipment that supports power redundancy in order to enhance availability.

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