Remote hands and eyes

Some companies will require support for their equipment due to their geographic distance from the data center itself. Alternatively, some companies simply do not want in-house IT technicians. This service is intended to cater to those customers that, for the aforementioned reasons, need Altus IT to tend to the physical maintenance of their equipment.



Remote hands and eyes



Some of the most common requirements included with this service are:

  • 24/7 access to the equipment
  • Various measurements (power, attenuation of optical communication, UTP bandwidth)
  • Cabling (marking, cable pulling, panel setting)
  • Replacing media for data storage (HDD, tape, etc.)
  • Replacing spare parts on the equipment or installing expansions through additional cards
  • Packaging and shipment
  • Basic equipment management (reset, status monitoring)
  • Audit hosting
  • Taking photographs of equipment and transfers


This service can be arranged as a monthly, fixed payment or on a request by request basis, depending on how often it will be required.

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