Users’ spaces

The rental of user space is a service intended for companies that need to control and regulate access to their own equipment. Typically, companies that require this additional security utilize more than 4 cabinets worth of equipment. By using this service, companies get their own room within the data center, enclosed by a fence, and can access it as if it were a local part of their own facilities.



Users’ spaces 1



Size of space

The size of the space is tailored to the needs of the user, in agreement with Altus IT. User spaces, in fact, occupy significant areas of the server rooms and factors such as availability and technical performance need to be taken into account. Subsequent expansions of cages are also possible, though this would have to be negotiated on a case by case basis and cannot be assumed.



Users’ spaces 2



Security and monitoring

In enclosed spaces, the level of security can be adjusted to meet the customer’s business requirements. Multiple authentication methods can by placed at the points of entry or within the space itself, including, though not limited to:

  • Biometrics 
  • Monitoring and control of the entrances to a space
  • Security checks and audits
  • Slab-to-slab configuration (complete shutdown, fixed obstacles)
  • Individual optical distributions and/or power supplies

These are some of the security and monitoring possibilities that this service allows for. Additionally, companies can establish video surveillance, access control, temperature measurement and other monitoring methods connected to their own Network Control Center (NOC).

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