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Modern business is increasingly based on the use of various hybrid cloud solutions. These are the premier environments that, typically, use the “best of breed” from various service providers. For example, a company may have its own local database and front-end application, with a mail server sourced from one provider whereby mailboxes are located on the provider’s server. This company may also implement an artificial intelligence program for visual sample recognition from a separate, second provider. Both of these features must run smoothly, in a secure manner and must be able to successfully coordinate despite the use of multiple providers.



Cloud connect



However, in these cases, internet connectivity is typically not up to the required standard to allow for this coordination to take place, with prolonged latencies and a high risk of network and connection interruptions. The alternative option of leasing a dedicated link can be expensive and impractical, as it makes little sense to lease a link to a single city when global service providers can move between different data centers.

Altus Cloud Connect provides a dedicated, private and reliable access to global cloud services. With multiple redundant and geographically diverse connections to the mayor clouds, Altus ensures a secure and scalable connection to user business-critical applications and data in the public cloud. Companies can reach any and all of their clouds across one physical connection and even double-up for redundancy.

Cloud Connect service is available for major cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud, and provided by Altus IT in cooperation with international telecom, Telia Carrier.

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