Cross connect

This service is most frequently used when a customer arranges telecommunications services directly with one of the telecoms from our data center or wants to connect to another user at the same location.

Cross Connect is the physical, cable connection between a customer and another point within the data center, either to their telecoms provider of choice or to another customer, through specially designed cabinets (Meet Me). While all connections between external entities and other cabinets are centralized by Altus IT, inter-connections within the Meet Me infrastructure can be handled by the customer or by Altus upon request.



Cross connect



Available connection types offered by Altus Cross Connect include:

  • UTP CAT5/6/7
  • Fiber (single-mode, multi-mode)

These connections are always installed by Altus IT technicians and, along with switching components, materials such as optical cables and panels are included together with measurements of the quality of the connections made.

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