Altus IT is the point of connection between multiple Tier I, II and III Croatian and global telecom providers. By migrating from localized IT equipment to the Altus data centre, companies have the opportunity to become part of a globally interconnected market with partners ranging from those in the neighboring cabinet to others from across the globe in a matter of milliseconds.

Where Altus IT differs from other data centers is in the ability for the user to maintain connections with internet access providers during the migration of equipment. Alternatively, companies can select a Multi-Homing Internet access service. This allows for the connection of an account to a variety of internet service providers in order to reduce data transfer latency between business-critical addresses and, as a result, for the high availability of IT resources.






Altus IT provides several options for internet access:

  • Altus IT Multi-Homing Internet Access
  • Internet access through one of the ISPs present within the data centre
  • Croatian Internet Exchange (CIX2)

Currently, the CIX direct connection service is exclusively available through Altus IT or SRCE (University Computing Centre, University of Zagreb).


Altus IT Multi-Homing Internet Access is offered in the following variants:

  • Shared Link (without SLA) – rated at 1 Mbps – 1 Gbps
  • Dedicated Link (including SLA and redundancy) – rated at 1 Mbps - (n x 10) Gbps


All connectivity versions are available through UTP or fiber cabling and with, or without, redundancy. If necessary, Altus employees can offer advice relating to the optimal solution for a customer’s needs and can perform the implementation itself.

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