Hybrid environments

In today’s era of advanced communications, it is not necessary to utilize complete IT services from a single provider, or even from a single physical location.

For example, we often wish to use the ERP system locally, on our own virtual servers, with the support of a local IT company. Labor costs in Croatia are still lower than in developed countries in Western Europe and the United States, and such applications require extensive adaptation to local legislation. In addition, most business subjects are more comfortable knowing where, physically, their financial information is stored.

On the other hand, there are specific requirements of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence that most firms are unable to support, except for the largest global IT companies.

Additionally, it is now possible to switch a part of the database or a mail server to the cloud during the business peak season. It eliminates the need for setting the infrastructure against peak load conditions. It is, instead, aligned with the demands throughout the entire year, maximizing the cost-efficiency at the same time.



Hybrid environments



It is also possible to build complex environments in which diverse and globally dislocated functions work together in one integrated environment, with the aim of achieving the maximum ratio of functionality and cost.

All these services can be connected via the Internet, but this approach cannot guarantee the required level of reliability. From the moment of leaving the data center environment, Internet communication becomes a ‘hope for the best’ situation, with no responsibility assigned for the quality of the interim connection. For this reason, cloud service providers have created their own, closed networks, guaranteeing the quality of the connection. Integrating the hybrid environment through such networks is certainly advisable from a perspective of stability and security.

Altus IT, as the most important telecommunications hub in Croatia, is the main gateway of global services for integration of various cloud environments. That is why Altus IT is the best choice for setting up your own hybrid cloud. Even if a company wishes to establish a hybrid cloud from its own data center, or any other data center in Croatia, it is very likely that this communication will eventually go through Altus IT. Therefore, it is rational to simplify and reduce the cost of the solution by directly implementing it in that data center.

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