Design, consultation and migration of the environments

Structural changes in IT infrastructures are rarely made, are extremely dangerous for business continuity, and require a very high level of professional knowledge. Most companies do not need this kind of knowledge for their usual business and there are, in general, no such professional profiles in-house within firms that activity maintain technical staff. In these situations, it can be beneficial to seek external assistance.

A good solution is to use the expertise of companies who are engaged in these activities on a daily basis to assist with these changes.

Altus IT performs such tasks regularly and successfully. No matter if it is a company where IT infrastructure is not a core business, and they know what they want to achieve but do not know how, or it is a very narrow and specific area of knowledge such as virtualized environments, Altus IT can design and implement cost-effective change, developed specifically as needed, at a given time.

Such tasks are successfully carried out on the client’s infrastructure, and particular within the design of the client’s dedicated virtual environments on the data center equipment.

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