Disaster recovery

It is a good business policy, and increasingly a regulatory requirement, to have another location that will continue to provide IT services to a company if the primary location becomes unavailable for any reason. The closure or postponement of business operations due to the failure of information systems is completely unacceptable. Resolving these situations is, within the modern workplace, entirely dependent on IT support and assistance.

On the other hand, investment in an additional server room and IT equipment is, as a rule, exceptionally large and cannot be justified just by the requirement to continue business in the event of a delay. Owning a secondary location is a very expensive form of insurance.



Disaster Recovery



Altus IT can establish a secondary environment for any client, taking into account all IT services and the timescale in which the full business capacity is expected to be established. Since all the resources likely already exist in the data center, such a solution is typically more cost-effective.

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